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Welcome to Converge for Climate, where our paramount objective is to raise cognizance about one of the most momentous predicaments of our era: climate alteration. Together, we can make a difference when attending one of these climate conferences.

We are so excited to introduce to you this years full schedule of climate conferences- including our flagship New York climate conference!

Together we'll explore the root causes behind our climate crisis and strengthen movements for a world where people, peace and planet come first.

Here, you'll find a climate conference near you.

We look forward to meeting and working with you to promote climate change. Cheers!

NYC climate keynote speaker
climate workshops
daily workshops

Climate workshops where individuals come together to learn about the causes and impacts of climate change, as well as strategies for mitigating and adapting to its effects.

climate q&a sessions
q&a sessions

Participate in climate change Q&A sessions where participants can ask and receive answers to questions related to climate change science, policy, and solutions from experts in the field.

live training on climate change
Live Training

Experience live training in real-time with practical skills and knowledge to address climate change challenges in their professional or personal lives.

Upcoming Climate Conferences

Find a Conference on Climate Change
Near You

Attending a climate change conference for a few days or even a week can prove to be an insightful and transformative experience. Below, you'll find upcoming climate change conference that serve as a forum for individuals to convene and deliberate on pressing environmental issues and climate change, while simultaneously exploring practical solutions to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change.

Climate change impact

The Phenomenon of Climate Change

The phenomenon of climate change has elicited a plethora of adverse impacts on our planet. Among these detriments include the escalation of ocean levels, the surging occurrence of natural disasters that are increasingly severe, the loss of biodiversity, as well as the fluctuating patterns of weather.

daily workshops

Rising global temperatures and more frequent and intense heat waves

q&a sessions

Melting of polar ice caps and subsequent rising in sea levels resulting in coastal erosion and flooding.

practical exams

Increasingly frequent and severe weather events, including hurricanes, tornadoes, and droughts.

unlimited coffe

Global ecosystem disruptions and biodiversity loss leading to extinction of species.

friendly people

Changes in climate patterns causing a decline in agricultural productivity and food security.

special bonus

Various public health ramifications, including heightened air pollution and the propagation of illnesses transported by insects and animals.

training online

Vulnerable populations chiefly impacted by economic and social disparities.

one on one

The dwindling availability of freshwater resources resulting in water scarcity.

Live Training

Geopolitical instability escalated by resource competition and human displacement contributing to raised conflicts.

Educate and Inspire

Climate University

Explore our Climate University blog hub for the latest on climate science, sustainable living tips, and environmental news. Educate and empower yourself today.

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